Sexy Pennywise?

Listen, I get it, I write erotica for a living. Sex sells, period. I am not sure when this push toward barely-there costumes began as a whole, but I certainly remember when it started for me.

While recently perusing the women’s Halloween costumes, one theme began to emerge. Sex

The first costume I ever picked out for myself was a snazzy little number made of stinky plastic that embodied everything I wanted to be that Halloween…Luke Skywalker. Yes, I am a girl, but my five-year-old little heart had a major crush. If I couldn’t have the handsome Jedi, I would be the handsome Jedi. Happily I trotted around the neighborhood, nearly suffocating in the rigid plastic Luke mask, gathering candy dressed as my heartthrob.

As I grew, the inevitable urge came to push some boundaries. The first hint of risque costumes came at age 14 when I dressed up as a “hippie.” I essentially found the tiniest miniskirt and highest crop top I could find, pared it with a ratty excuse for a Cher wig, and went about shocking my neighbors as I begged for candy. My poor parents. Sigh.

High School and College are the years that girls really let their Halloween freak flag fly, wearing little more than lingerie and accessories. The movie “Mean Girls” illustrates this perfectly when Karen, the ditzy blond, dressed only in lingerie and animal ears, responds “I’m a mouse, duh!” when asked what her barely-there costume represents. I have worn my fair share of skimpy costumes over the years too, sexy nurse, sexy nun, sexy cat. If any of you follow me on Twitter, or have bought my “Boudoir” books, you know I will use any excuse to wear lingerie.

So, on this all hallows eve, if you see a sassy redhead stalking around in the moonlight, her backside barely covered with a gray, thigh-skimming dress, her fist clutching a single red balloon, stop by and say hi to me, just please don’t ask who I am “supposed to be.”

I am sexy Pennywise, the naughty dancing clown, duh!

One last thing… If you are looking for some good spooky erotica, may I suggest my 8 story bundle “Eerie Erotica”.

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