My virgin toy review…

OK, let me explain…

I am not a virgin, far from it, and this is probably not the type of toy that a virgin would reach for, but this is indeed my first foray into the world of sex toy reviewing.

First of all, this post is not sponsored. I chose this baby because of it’s very unique features.

Let me introduce you to the Fantasy for Her Ultimate Pleasure Dual Oral Sex Simulator and G-Spot Vibrator by Pipedream…whew, that’s quite a mouthful!

Fantasy For Her - Her Ultimate Pleasure Dual Oral Sex Simulator & G-Spot Vibrator

Such a pretty little package!

Fantasy For Her - Her Ultimate Pleasure Dual Oral Sex Simulator & G-Spot Vibrator

Comes with two differently sized suction cones, and a textured sleeve for the “tongue”.

Fantasy For Her - Her Ultimate Pleasure Dual Oral Sex Simulator & G-Spot Vibrator

Convenient magnetic USB charger

Alright, let’s get down and dirty with the details.

I was looking for a toy that actually somewhat simulated the actual act of oral sex. I mean, who doesn’t want that? There are many toys out there that have a tongue shaped nub that vibrates, but this one actually moves!

The up and down motion of the bright pink tongue laps at your clit in 7 different available motion patterns. The feeling is not the same as a real human tongue, but its definitely good enough to get the job done. The soft silicone sleeve fits perfectly over the tongue tip if you are craving a little bit of texture with your tickle.

The two suction cones fit securely on the top of the toy, one of them being round shaped, and the other cone shaped. The suction can be turned on or off, and can be used in combination with the wiggling tongue for the ultimate in oral simulation. I personally find that the oval cone works best for pussy/labia play, and the round cone for targeted clit play or even for your nipples.

Finally, the G-Spot vibrating end cannot be over looked. Its a nice, thick, smooth toy that is slightly bulbous on the tip. With the press of a button, the vibration comes buzzing to life with 10 different patterns of vibration to choose from. With the help of a little water based lube, this baby is sure to do the trick!

My final thoughts…

As much as we would all love to have oral sex on demand, this little vibe does it’s best to deliver. The tongue can be used independently pumping suction, which can prove to be pretty intense if you are not used to it. I often find myself removing the cone all together when I just want a little solo tongue lashing. The vibration from the G-Spot stimulation is very nice, and it’s not very loud, but the tongue movement mechanism can be noisy, especially at the higher speeds. This is not the toy to use if you need to be quiet.

Other than the noise level, I highly recommend you give this toy a try.

If you want to sneak a peek at my toy in action, I have photos and videos available on my Only Fans page. Word of warning… the images are graphic and NSFW

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