Hot off the presses…

“Nagging loneliness dragged behind her like a raveled hem, snagging on her path to success, emotionally slowing her down. Her desperate need to fill the missing chunk in her soul was begging to slowly creep into her career, and Marianna wasn’t about to let that happen.” Watch as Marianna indulges in her deepest darkest fantasy,Continue reading “Hot off the presses…”

Next Week’s Free Erotica

Monday 11/11 – *NEW* “Keep Calm and Be Woman” (Lesbian erotica) Monday 11/11 through Friday 11/15 “Nudie Toons” (Erotic cartoon parody) “Fu*k it” (Personal erotic autobiography) “Sorted Affairs Volume 1” (Erotica book bundle) “Sorted Affairs Volume 2” (Erotica book bundle) “Valentina’s Day” (Lesbian erotica) “Curvy Cuckoldress” (Curvy cuckold erotica) reading “Next Week’s Free Erotica”